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Beach holidays
Right at the beach


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Kids area
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Food and drinks

Home made breakfast
Buffet breakfast
Traditional cuisine


Family hotel
Afternoon refreshment
Baby bottle heater
High chair
Baby bed
Baby bath


Free WiFi

Swimming pool

Hotel pool
Free access
Free sun umbrellas
Free loungers


Pets allowed
Hotel for pets
Dedicated food
Beach access
Fido Beach
Veterinary service
Small fee for pets

SPA and wellness

Turkish bath
Special treatments

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Excellent       4.7/5.0
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My wife and I had never been to Italy in the past , and wanted to join some friends for a cycling vacation. This was the best experience I have ever had. The Cycling and organization of the rental bicycles was fantastic. The De Rosa road bike was better than I could ever have imagined it fit like a glove. The guides for each ride were really friendly and supportive. The food, hospitality and staff are top notch. I recommend this cycling hotel to anyone who wants to enjoy cycling great food and a wonderful location.


The best vacation experience I have ever had! My wife and I were told about the Belvedere by my brother and sister-in-law who had visited the previous year. They said it was an amazing bike vacation and they were right. From arrival to departure Marina (owner) and her staff took care of everything with care and attention to detail. We went with four of our friends, all at different cycling abilities and the five different daily bike tours accommodated everyone from leisure riding to bleeding out of your eyes hard, it was fantastic. I was super impressed with all the guides who made everyone feel like they were Giro pros, no matter what their cycling ability level. The De Rosa team (the rental bike guys) are very accommodating and dedicated to comfort. On my bike, they were happy to switch out my stem from a 90mm to 110mm to put me in a better position for me. The hotel staff are extremely attentive, seemingly anticipating your needs/wants before you think about it. Max (the bartender) was especially gracious and fun to talk to about Italy and just about anything else. The food is really great. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner always had something special and enjoyable. I rode 30+ hours the week I was there and must have gained 5 pounds. LOL. Finally, the guests from all over the world were amazing. It was fun hanging out by the pool or watching the Giro with so many different fun people. I highly recommend the Belvedere it is a treasure.


Fantastic hotel, great rooms and superb rooms. Cycling is perfect and groups are at four levels. Attention to detail is second to non.. the owner Marina is very hands on..


If you're looking for one of the best hotels in Italy, you've found it with Hotel Belvedere. Specially geared for cyclists, they have many road bikes for you to rent during your stay, and have guided tours around the countryside based on your level of fitness and endurance. There were also some non-cyclists staying when we were there, and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and their stay within the beautiful pool, luxurious rooms, and stunning surroundings. The staff are extremely helpful too, and you're only a short walk away from the beach and sea. Nightlife and food around Riccione is up to the Italian standards, as you'd expect from a small coastal Italian town.


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