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Terms and conditions for accommodation managers

General Terms

The person using the portal to book stays in tourist accommodation, or more generally for purposes which go beyond commercial purposes ( "you") or the owner of accommodation as an individual or company represented by him - possibly represented but not replaced by an agent appointed by him - ( "the company") who agrees to the publication of his accommodation or of its hotels ( "Advertising Announcement") of otellio.com ( "Portal"), including related domains such otellio.it and otellio.de and more generally all of Otellio domains owned SRL ( "the Company") through access to the portal and its use you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions ( "Terms and conditions for Managers") concerning the use of the portal by advertisers and users.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for Managers before using the portal. The use of the portal is considered as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Managers. Do not use the website if you do not to concur with the Terms and Conditions for Managers.

About this Portal

The portal is operated by the company as a product Otellio SRL BtoC publicizing of accommodation. The company is duly registered in Italy with VAT number 04252670403 and has its registered office at Via Pradese 36 / u, 47923, Rimini, RN.

The data operated by the Company is in compliance with the law related to protection of personal data (Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196), and all conservation practices and use of personal data conform to the "Statement of Policy" is available on the Portal.

The Company provides a listing service to the advertiser and a search tool for accommodation to the user. The Company does not own the content, does not investigate content or provide original content on behalf of the facilities advertised on the Portal.

The company claims not to be in any way involved with the booking process, or with the transaction, merely transmitting the payment details by users to the accommodation.

The company makes no representations as to the quality, safety and compliance with the legal obligations of the facilities advertised. It also confirms the accuracy of the content of ads. The warranty of fitness for accommodation is the sole responsibility of the advertiser, while The payment is the user's responsibility.

Using the portal

All of living arrangements ( "Reservation") facilities offered on the portal are signed directly between Advertiser and User. In particular, the company is not part of the policyholder to Deal Hotel (atypical or mixed agreement governing the accommodation in accommodation according to Italian law).

For the avoidance of doubt, although the Contract regulates Hotel reservations, this provision does not affect the rights of advertisers to specify additional terms and conditions on reservations, particularly with regard to the terms of cancellation of bookings . These terms and conditions are specified in the accommodation of each page or each advertisement.

Content Portal

All content protected by copyright, database rights, trade marks, design rights and any other material on the website is the exclusive property of the Company, its licensees or its advertisers.

it is allowed to download the material from the portal solely aimed use of the portal itself. However, it may not copy, transmit, modify, reproduce, store, transfer or protecting content or material on this site without prior written permission.

It is forbidden to advertisers or any users using the portal for commercial or advertising purposes not permitted by the Company. Such uses of the portal will have consequences, determined at the sole discretion of the Company, such as the refusal to publish ads of the structures and / or the use of the portal ban.

Links from the portal to other portals

Links to other sites and resources on the portal and provided by third parties, are available only for informational purposes. The company has no control over the contents of those sites or resources and is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from their use.


In the event that you believe that the video content, photographs or other material posted on the portal by an advertiser may be considered offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous or otherwise inappropriate ( "inappropriate"), the company invites the user to send a notification containing details of such content considered inappropriate and the reason for this view. Following the receipt of the notification to be considered inappropriate, the company is committed to examine the subject content of the alert and to prepare for the removal of content from the portal. Details of the content deemed inappropriate to be sent in the following ways: zona Via e-mail to: contact@otellio.com zona Via postal mail to: Otellio SRL, Via Pradese 36 / u, 47923, Rimini, RN .
Subject: Infringement Notification

If you believe in good faith that materials made available through the portal violate the copyright, provide the company with the following information in writing. Specify the following information in the format (section numbers included):

  1. a clear description of the copyrighted material identification that you claim has been infringed;
  2. a clear identification of the material that you believe published in violation of copyright and information which may allow the identification of such material on the portal, such as a link;
  3. your contact information in order to allow the company to respond to the complaint, including, preferably an address e-mail and a phone number
  4. include the following statement: "I have a good faith belief that the material considered copyright infringement is not authorized by the author, its agents, or by virtue of laws ";
  5. include the following statement:" I declare that I am the owner of the copyrighted material, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, allegedly violated ";
  6. The notice must be signed by the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right allegedly violated.

You should consult an attorney before filing a notice or a counter notice. In case of a false statement, it may be subject to damages (including costs and attorneys' fees).

All notifications will be examined in order to determine compliance with these requirements.

on the recurrence of violations Policy

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( "DMCA") and other laws in force in the Italian and EU territory, the company adopted criteria by which, under certain circumstances and at its sole discretion, it prohibits the entry portal for advertisers and users protagonists of repeated violations. The company also reserves the right to limit, in its sole discretion, access to the portal and / or remove the accounts of users who infringe the intellectual property rights of others, even if the breach is not repeated.


Although through the Portal can be made available the technical platform for processing payments, the Company is not responsible for the same payments nor their development, and this service does not imply that the Company may be considered a Contracting party to the Agreement between the hotel traveler and publisher.

In particular, the Company disclaims any responsibility for decisions made by banks or payment institutions or other providers with respect to the rejection of the transactions, usually based on the supplier's risk assessments with respect to the User or transaction. The company declines any responsibility in case of loss resulting from payments made to advertisers via the portal or other online platforms.

In case you need assistance on the online payment, you should contact your bank or the issuer of the circuit card (as applicable).

The preservation of payment data users and advertisers from the company is subject to the laws and regulations in force. Unless otherwise required by applicable laws or regulations, the Company disclaims any liability with regard to the storage and use of payment data.

Corporate Responsibility

The company acts as a mere provider of visibility services through which advertisers promote facilities to travelers. Although it requires advertisers to advertise structures in an honest, truthful and accurate, although measures are taken to limit the amount of false information and although the defaulters ads are removed following complaints submitted by users or advertisers, the Company does not exercise any control on the accuracy of the ads or on the ability of advertisers to guarantee reservations to travelers.

Therefore, the company disclaims any liability for loss or damage (including personal injury) occurred by the user or third parties as a result of:

  1. trust placed by users in portal or third party informed of the content published therein, confidence in the ads, in comments and other materials posted on the portal by advertisers; errors or inaccuracies in the statements, in the descriptions, representations or other information concerning or related to the structures present on the portal;
  2. actions or omissions on the part of advertisers, compliance or non-compliance of advertisers to the terms of the contract signed with users, including the non-availability of the structure to the required date (the event is due to duplicate bookings or any other reason), or the failure of the structure delivered in the conditions or the services advertised on the portal;
  3. p erdite or damage to personal effects which occurred at the property;
  4. accidents or adverse events that occurred at the property.

Digital Responsibility

Although every possible measure is taken to prevent improper use of the portal and the spread of malicious programs through the same, the company disclaims any liability for any loss or damage caused by intentional misuse of the portal or the distribution of viruses or other malware that may infect computer equipment, software, data or other material owned by users and / or advertisers due to the use of the portal .

Trading Responsibility

In case of violation of these terms by the company or in case of other liability towards users (including, but not entirely limited to, negligence on the part of company), the company will be liable only for damage or loss occurring direct user and resulting from the use of the portal, whose compensation will have a maximum limit corresponding to the value of fees paid by the user to the company (if any). The company disclaims any liability for any indirect loss or damage occurred by the user. The company's responsibility towards users and advertisers will not include in any case of commercial losses and loss of profits (including, without limitation, loss or corruption of data, loss of profits or contracts, loss of profitability, savings loss fixed on costs or business interruption) resulting from breach of contract, negligence or otherwise attributable to the company.

This provision has no bearing on the responsibility of society about fraudulent representations or acts of negligence which are the cause of death or personal injury, as well as other responsibilities not excludable or can be limited under existing laws.

Legal Responsibilities

The company disclaims any liability relating to legal compliance pertaining to the facilities advertised on the portal. The company disclaims any legal responsibility for the use of the portal by the user. Nevertheless, there may be circumstances in which the company is obliged under the laws in force, although in its sole discretion, to provide information about your ads and users in order to fulfill compliance obligations enshrined by institutional entities with respect to investigations, legal or administrative proceedings disputes; in some cases the company reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to comply or to ignore these obligations.

Partnerships or joint ventures

With regard to the relationship between the company and users, nothing indicated in these Terms and Conditions for Managers nor any use of the portal by users, will be considered as the basis for the creation, implied or otherwise, of a partnership, mediation or joint business venture between the company and users.

On relations between the companies and advertisers, the company operates as an intermediary for the advertiser in order to facilitate payments for transactions associated with bookings through the portal and in order to facilitate the distribution future ads. With the exception of this relationship banking, nothing present in the present Visibility Agreement or any portal use by advertisers, can be considered as the basis for the creation, implied or otherwise, of a relationship of partnership, joint business venture or relationship similar between the company and the advertiser.

For the avoidance of doubt, the company never acts as the main actor in relation to transactions or services available on or through the portal.

Service interruptions

Although undertake companies all reasonable steps to ensure the continued availability of the portal, consider that the Internet may be subject to instability, and therefore any errors, omissions, interruptions or delays in services may occur at any time. Given the above circumstances, the company disclaims any obligation or liability of continuous operation of the portal or any part thereof.

Possible presence beyond the control of the company

The company disclaims any liability for breach of these Terms and Conditions for Investment Managers and any other liability for any errors or delays resulting from circumstances beyond the reasonable control, including, but not entirely limited to, strikes, lockouts and other industrial disputes, failure of systems or access to networks, floods, fires, explosions, accidents, acts of God or force majeure.

Rights of third parties

None of the provisions enshrined in these Terms and Conditions for Managers shall be construed as granting the right to a third party to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions for Managers under of the Civil Code or other applicable regulations.


User and Advertiser agree that complaints related to disputes occurred between User and Advertiser by virtue of what is published on the portal, they will be brought to the direct attention of the Advertiser and not Society.

of jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms and Conditions for Managers are governed by Italian law and jurisdiction shall be solely responsible for the hole in Rimini for any claim arising out of or connected to the visits to the portal. Nevertheless, the company reserves the right to bring any proceedings for breach of the Terms and Conditions for Managers to advertisers to the jurisdiction of the courts of the countries of residence of the advertisers involved or other relevant countries.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions for Managers (or parts of them) were held to be unenforceable, illegal or invalid, such invalidation will have no effect on the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions for Managers.


The company reserves the right to amend and modify these Terms and Conditions for managers at any time by changing the relevant webpage or after the publication of notices in other sections portal.

Notes and notifications

Any notes and warnings that it intends to submit to the company must be sent to the e-mail contact@otellio.com. Any notes or warnings that the company intends to bring to the attention of the users will be published on the portal or made known through the newsletter.

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