Statement on Privacy and Cookie

Privacy is a very important aspect of surfing the internet. Otellio is committed to ensuring your privacy and to use your personal information only to improve your browsing experience.

In this document you can find information about who is Otellio of your personal information, and how to manage the cookies that are stored on your computer, phone or tablet.

Otellio is an online booking portal of hotels, and provides its services mainly through the website. However, it is frequent interaction with other sites or apps that partner with social media. The information below refer to all of these platforms.

Please note that these laws may vary over time and is considered as valid the latest version at the time when you are using the portal. Therefore, it is good practice to check this page frequently.

Surfing the web pages based on the Otellio domain names, or,,, we understand and accept the significance of this document. If I did not accept this Statement of Privacy and Cookies we are invited to stop navigation.


What are the personal data used by Otellio?

Otellio not require o salva personal data of users who visit your site without making a login. The only information that is stored in this case are those of the cookie (see next section).

To make a reservation, however, the minimum data required are user name and email address, and passwords are encrypted by the system anonymously and are therefore not available by any person other than the owner. In addition to user name and password, the user can choose to store your name, gender, date of birth, telephone, country of origin and language. Otellio recommended to put this information to facilitate the booking process. All data provided are in no case sold or transferred to third parties for commercial purposes. The availability of the data remains exclusive Otellio, which can use them for promotional purposes (for example, sending commercial e-mail) or in anonymous form for internal market research. The only case in which the inserted data are transmitted to a third party is when a reservation is made. In this circumstance the data mentioned above are disclosed all'albrgatore you must register your stay.

Otellio does not directly manage payments. The data of the credit card provided at time of booking only hotelier is encrypted and visible for a period not exceeding 30 days from the day of check in. After 30 days the data is stored in encrypted form to reconstruct the payments in case of fraud or disputes, but can not be accessed by users in any way. Even the information of saved credit cards are stored in encrypted form. Otellio does not require the verification code of the credit card at the time of reservation because the amount due as a deposit, equal to 10% of the total amount, is taken directly from the physical payment device (POS) of the hotel.

Otellio uses various services provided by Google, such as Google Maps, Google Places, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. For this reason, surfing Otellio declare accept the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Google.

Otellio also allows recognition (login) user through the services provided by Google and Facebook. If you decide to take advantage of one of these options you choose therefore also accept the Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy related to the chosen service (which you can find here and here for Google to Facebook).


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small file that is downloaded and saved on your computer when you visit a website, and serves to recall some elementary facts. For example, your agreement to the privacy policies is saved in a cookie, so you do not receive a prompt every time you come to visit a website.

This document applies to all cookies and similar technologies (from now on, all called "cookies").

Otellio only uses two cookie, or moved to your computer only two small files. The first is used to uniquely identify you during your entire browsing session and encrypts the exchange of information between the device and use our servers. For browsing session refers to the time period from the opening of a web page associated with the domain to Otellio up to 15 minutes after the last web page visited with associated Otellio domain. This cookie is useful because it allows us to remember information that improves your browsing experience. It allows us to keep certain parameters in the transition between different web pages, such as language and search criteria. The cookie is deleted on logout. The second cookie saves your preferences regarding the acceptance of this Statement of Privacy and Cookies and has a term of one year.

Note that Otellio benefits from third-party cookies, such as cookies set by Google. For this reason continuing browsing Otellio you agree to both the cookies set by Otellio that the use Otellio ago third party cookies (see. Google Privacy Policy).


In accordance with European laws on the protection of personal data, Otellio observe proper procedures to prevent personal information from being accessed without authorization or used improperly .

We have implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions on access and use of personal data on our servers. Almost all the data is stored in encrypted form, and can be decoded only with the password you set yourself and please keep carefully or through confidential password to system administrators. Access to personal data is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Also for safety reasons the services offered by Otellio are not intended for children under 18 years. If we might receive information from a child under 18, we reserve the right to delete and undo any kind of action to be undertaken. Brands search

Otellio SRL is a private limited liability company governed by Italian law and having its registered office in via Pradese 36u, 47923 Rimini, RN. For any suggestions or comments regarding this privacy statement, you can send an email to

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